Mary Help of Christians School Athletic Department fosters an environment that encourages academic excellence, physical and personal growth, while forming young people to become positive role models and productive members of society. Self-discipline, hard work and responsibility to the team are essential in becoming champions in faith, life and sports.


   Participation in MHCS athletics is a privilege, not a right. Accompanying that privilege is the responsibility to conform to the standards established for all student-athletes. This privilege may be revoked or suspended if the athlete fails to comply with the rules and regulations of MHCS.


   MHCS makes every effort to obtain the most qualified volunteer coaches who uphold the mission of our school. Our coaching staff strives to enable everyone on the team to achieve their maximum potential and to pursue victory with honor. Everyone involved in MHCS athletic programs, both coaches, athletes, and parents possess a unique opportunity to teach each other positive life skills and Christian values.


   The highest potential of sports is achieved when participants are committed to these core principles: honor, respect, responsibility, care and citizenship.





    Integrity: Be a good sport and always pursue victory with honor.


    Honesty: Do the right thing at the right time.





    Reverence: Treat all people with dignity; show sincere respect in pre- and post-game/ practice talks and prayer moments.


    Respect Authority: Treat Coaches and officials with respect.





    Commitment to Education: Take your studies seriously and fulfill all your duties well.


    Role Modeling: Represent your school, coach and teammates with honor at all times.





    Concern for Others: Do nothing that may cause injury to yourself or others; give fallen teammates and opponents help.


    Positive Attitude: Choose and maintain a positive attitude; compliment           extraordinary performances done by others.





    Play By the Rules: Maintain a thorough knowledge of and abide by all game rules; know and abide by the MHCS student hand book.


    Loyalty: Put the team above personal glory.



Sports Programs Offered


    Cross Country 3rd – 8th grade [Fall]

    Flag Football 2nd - 6th grade [Fall]

    Soccer 5th-8th [Fall & Spring]

    Girls Volleyball 3rd - 8th grade [Fall & Spring]

    Basketball K5 – 8th grade [Winter]

    Track and Field 3rd – 8th grade [Spring]





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